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We manufacture low-cost video OSD (On-Screen Display) modules and other function blocks for use by system designers. OSDs often serve as graphics and character overlay generators for data display in remote video inspection systems, security systems, and remotely piloted vehicles (UAV, ROV, RPV) or robots. They can also be used as industrial video titlers, dumb serial terminals, and TV-based information displays or electronic signs. Click on the image below to see our newest product, or use the navigation bar on the left to explore the rest of our site.


XBOB-4 General-Purpose Video Information Overlay System

XBOB-4GC Front View - Low-Cost Video CG

News and Announcements:

XBOB-4 expands BOB-4 module functionality into free-standing format, ready for convenient hookup to PCs, POS terminals, and other data processing equipment. XBOB-4 also serves as a preliminary development and demonstration platform for embedded BOB-4 projects. Video text crawl capability is 4096 characters, making most versions of BOB-4 and XBOB-4 compliant with the Emergency Alert System EAS-CAP Implementation Guide.

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