SIS Developer Board for BOB-4H

SIS developer board for BOB-4H video OSD module

SIS is shown with BOB-4HGI module installed. Order BOB-4HGI separately.
SIS is a low-cost system development board for Decade Engineering's BOB-4H video overlay module, to assist new users in getting BOB-4H up and running quickly. SIS provides RS-232 compatible 9-pin serial data connectors for the main control port and debug port of BOB-4H, along with numerous on-board hookup options and a generous circuit prototyping area to support the extensive application flexibility of the BOB-4H module.
SIS can also serve as a convenient BOB-4H test fixture and PC interface for loading custom fonts, configuration files, and firmware upgrades.

SIS Application Guide and Schematic:  (PDF) Includes complete specifications and a Quick Start section.


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