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DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS (for customer reference only)

BNAB-COB (not directly replaced ~ see XBOB-4E)

Host adapter board for BOB-II-COB. Includes a 5V quadrature encoder interface, as well as a PC- compatible RS-232 serial port, 30 pin SIMM socket, and video tweaks.

BNAB-GP (not directly replaced ~ see XBOB-4)

General-purpose host adapter board for BOB-II application development or production. Includes a PC-compatible RS-232 serial port and 30 pin SIMM socket for the BOB-II module.

BOB-I (not directly replaced)

A general purpose NTSC video genlock character overlay board with TTL serial interface.

BOB-II (migrated to BOB-3 and then to BOB-4S)

Our second-generation OSD module. BOB-II lets your PC or microcontroller display up to 308 characters on standard video monitors. BOB-II generates video or genlocks to your video source and superimposes characters on the image. Controlled through an RS-232 style serial data link.

BOB-II-SDD (migrated to BOB-3S and then to BOB-4/SEI)

BOB-II-SDD displays distance data in remote video inspection systems. It does not require a host computer for operation, and it has no data communication port. Distance information is typically supplied by a rotary encoder attached to a measuring wheel that bears on the camera cable.

BOB-II-COB (not directly replaced ~ see XBOB-4E)

BOB-II-COB includes all of the standard BOB-II features, plus distance encoder support and additional commands that allow the host system to preset and query the internal distance register. Useful in advanced remote inspection systems that use a computer for display control and data collection.

BOB-3-NTSC & BOB-3-PAL (both migrate to BOB-4S)

Third-generation video character overlay OSD module, with RS-232 style serial data port and simple custom font capability.


A smart buddy board for BOB-4H, with enough on-board processing power and peripheral support to completely implement many BOB-4H applications.

BOB-3NS (aka BOB-3-S or BOB-3-SDD ~ migrates to SEI)

Simple Distance Display version of the BOB-3 module, with distance encoder interface. Controlled by four keyswitches - does not connect to a host computer. This product was replaced with Decade's free Smart Encoder Interface (SEI) technology, which works with standard BOB-4 modules.

COG-4N & COG-4P (both migrate to COG-5)

Video data overlay board for composite and Y/C (S-Video) remote inspection systems. COG-4 operates stand-alone, with a PC-compatible keyboard as the operator interface, but also accommodates RS-232 remote control. Inputs are provided for a distance encoder, pan/tilt angle sensors, compass sensor, etc. Analog outputs are provided to control pan/tilt platforms. [COG-4 Application Guide]  [COG-4 Operator's Guide]

GT4500 (not replaced)

The GT4500 accepts computer-generated video and converts it to standard NTSC or PAL TV formats. Computer-generated text and graphics can be superimposed over live images from a camera or other video sources.


MIKE is a preamplifier to add the microphone input that's missing on most VCRs.

XBOB-N & XBOB-P (both migrate to XBOB-4)

XBOB, aka XBOB(3), integrates Decade's third-generation video OSD technology into a convenient plug & play format (cabinet optional - C suffix), with 9-pin com port, coaxial DC power jack, and front-panel controls. XBOB(3) shipped with version 4 firmware in late production, which has confused some customers. It's not the same as XBOB-4! If you have any doubt, observe the color of the power indicator LED: It's RED in all versions of XBOB(3), but GREEN in all versions of XBOB-4.

XBOB-NE & XBOB-PE (aka XBOB-E ~ migrates to XBOB-4E)

An extended version of XBOB, with 25-bit distance encoder interface. BNC video connectors. Retains most features of the standard XBOB, including RS-232 serial communication with a host computer. Available in cabinet. [XBOB-E Application Guide]

XBOB-NS & XBOB-PS (aka XBOB-S ~ migrates to XBOB-4S)

A simple stand-alone distance display board for use in remote video inspection systems. Displayed units can be feet or meters. BNC video connectors. XBOB-S does not connect to a host computer. [XBOB-S Application Guide]

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