COG-5 Video Data Display Generator

COG-5 System Block Diagram

  COG-5 Industrial Video Character Overlay Generator Board

COG-5 MSD (Multi-Sensor Display) is an intelligent video information overlay generator that enhances the performance of video inspection systems. Overlay text and data comes from a keyboard, quadrature distance encoder, GPS receiver, compass sensor, and on-board clock. Analog sensors can drive up to six user-defined data display fields. COG-5 accepts video from NTSC/PAL composite or Y/C (S-Video) sources and drives up to six video outputs. Camera pan/tilt platforms are controllable via analog output channels. COG-5 is operated directly from a USB keyboard (stand-alone), or through an RS-232 serial data link to a host computer.
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Key Features:

MSD (Multi-Sensor Display)

Up to six analog voltage inputs provide a general-purpose "Video Voltmeter" capability for use with arbitrary linear sensors. These inputs are shared with the pan/tilt and compass heading display features described below. Each input channel may be independently averaged, for noise reduction and resolution enhancement. User-configurable scale and offset calibration factors are applied in real time. Processed data may be displayed anywhere on-screen with user-configurable titles and measurement units labels.

GPS data display

Displayable GPS data fields include Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Course (true or magnetic), UTC Time, Number of Satellites, and Fix Type. This feature may not be used simultaneously with RS-232 remote control. COG-5 has been tested with Garmin 60cx and 18x receivers, and with GlobalSat SiRF Star III receivers.

Text display functions

A seven-character ID field may be displayed in addition to Distance, Time, Date, Pan Angle, Tilt Angle, and Compass Heading Angle fields in a compact "data stack" that moves en masse to any screen position.

Video pointer

A single flashing triangular pointer may be moved to any position on screen.

Distance data display

COG-5 accepts industry-standard 5V quadrature incremental encoders for distance measurement. Distance information may be displayed in conveniently selectable Primary and Alternate formats, such feet and meters, and precise distance display calibration for any reasonable combination of encoder and measuring wheel can be achieved via on-screen instructions.

Time & date display

The real-time clock/calendar (RTC) circuit is powered by a Lithium coin cell with design lifetime in excess of five years. Date and time setup is performed via on-screen prompting. System operators may enable date and time display fields individually. The on-board RTC operates independently of GPS timekeeping services.

Compass heading display

A pair of analog voltage inputs may be used for the sine and cosine outputs of a low-cost compass sensor such as Dinsmore’s R1655. Sine and cosine voltage input ranges are zero to +5VDC. A simple compass calibration procedure automatically compensates for normal sensor production tolerances. Display resolution is one degree. The compass heading display may be enabled or disabled independently of other data display fields.

Camera pan & tilt functions

A pair of analog voltage inputs is provided for pan and tilt position sensors with outputs in the zero to +5VDC range. A calibration procedure compensates for individual sensor variation to allow precise display of pan/tilt angles.

DC voltage outputs are provided to operate camera pan/tilt platforms through external motor drive amplifiers (not supplied by Decade Engineering). These outputs may be controlled through the keyboard, with high, medium, and low preset speeds configured via on-screen setup, and with external switches and speed control pots. Compatible motor drive amplifiers must have differential inputs with zero to +5VDC minimum common-mode input range.

Up to 12 camera platform positions may be stored in non-volatile memory and recalled to automatically drive the platform back to stored positions.

RS-232 remote control

Remote computers can assume full control of COG-5 through the RS-232 serial port, using it as a peripheral device to collect measurement data, superimpose text on the TV image, and output control signals. This feature may not be used simultaneously with the GPS data display feature. COG-5 configuration memory may be uploaded (to a PC) and downloaded, which allows multiple COG-5 units to be configured identically with minimum installer effort.

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COG-5 Technical Information

COG-5 MSD Application Guide & Specifications (PDF):  Preliminary release. Please report any discrepancies.

COG-5 MSD Operator's Guide (PDF)

COG-5 Power Supply Application Note (PDF)

Looking for a distance encoder or measuring wheel? Decade Engineering does not recommend specific encoders or manufacturers, due to the wide range of differing customer requirements. Here's an unsorted selection of the many suppliers in the industry:

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