Camera Adapter Board ~ CAB

Video Equalizer - Coaxial Cable Compensator Module

Loss of image detail, color noise, and jittery data overlay (OSD) are problems commonly encountered when driving video through long coaxial cables. CAB pre-compensates cable losses with adjustable voltage gain, high/low frequency boost, and a convenient cable length control. Terminals are provided for an off-board voltage regulator to power your camera module. These features, combined with high drive capability and robust video output circuit protection, make this little board a perfect match for any remote video system that has to work through long cable.  At only 1.50" x 2.25" in size, CAB easily fits inside most environmental camera housings. And at just $150.00 single quantity, CAB also fits most budgets.

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[Bullet] Remote Video Inspection & Test [Bullet] Industrial Process Monitor
[Bullet] Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) [Bullet] Security & Surveillance
[Bullet] Teleoperated Mechanisms [Bullet] Anywhere long video cables are used

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CAB Specifications

[Bullet] Physical:

CAB dimensions are 1.5"(W) x  2.25"(L), and approximately 0.75"(H) at the heat sink tab of the output amplifier IC.

[Bullet] Power Supply:

Input: +24VDC nominal (30V MAX). Power supply current is 35mA without an external regulator. CAB provides regulated +12VDC (up to 200ma with adequate heat sinking) camera power output, with an external (customer-supplied) 7812 or equivalent regulator IC. Transient surge protection is provided at the power supply input pins.

[Bullet] Video I/O:

CAB accepts 1Vpp composite NTSC or PAL video from a camera module or other nearby video source. A 75-ohm input termination is provided. Depending on compensation control settings, CAB launches up to 10Vpp into 75-ohm coaxial cable. CAB's robust video output amplifier circuit is protected against transient surges and thermal overload.

[Bullet] Cable Length Compensation:

Cable length, high frequency, low frequency, and gain adjustments are provided, to compensate various types of coaxial cable up to lengths of a thousand feet or more.

[Bullet] Notes:

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Decade Engineering to confirm current status if any specification is critical to your application.

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More CAB Technical Information

CAB Installation (PDF) Describes CAB hook-up and calibration procedures.

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