BOB-II-SDD Distance Data Display Module

Distance Data Overlay Module - OSD - On Screen Display - Encoder Interface

BOB-II-SDD displays distance as a video character overlay in remote video inspection systems, especially borehole, tube and pipeline inspection systems. It does not require a host computer for operation, and it does not offer a communication port. See BOB-II-COB if you need those features. Distance information is normally supplied by an encoder attached to a measuring wheel that bears on the camera cable.

END OF LIFE notice: BOB-II customers must place orders to cover all future requirements before the end of March 2005. Product availability beyond this date is uncertain. For BOB-II-SDD design migration, please inquire about BOB-3-S and XBOB-S.


Encoder: Must develop 10 cycles per foot and deliver pulse/direction signals to the BOB-II-SDD module. Standard incremental quadrature encoders may be interfaced with an LS7084 chip or equal, which is provided on Decade's BNAB-SDD host board assembly. Maximum count rate: 400,000 counts/second (40,000 ft/S).

Distance: 999.9 feet maximum. Resolution: 0.1 foot. Display format: 000.0f

Display Modes: Five display positions (screen center and four corners) or display OFF. Characters are white with a thin black outline. Variable character transparency is optional at installation time, by connecting an external potentiometer.

Operator Controls: Two normally-open momentary switches, provided by installer. Switch 'A' cycles through the six display modes. Switch 'B' clears the distance display to zero, then increments it slowly upward (if held down). This feature allows inspection operators to index the camera to a calibrated distance from the entry point of a pipeline, for instance.

Other: Most other specifications are identical to standard BOB-II modules. Local video generation is not supported. External video level controls are not supported. NTSC and PAL versions are available. Some encoders may consume more power than the 5V auxiliary output from BOB-II allows (about 100mA). Contact Decade Engineering if you need assistance with encoder selection.

Notes: Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Decade Engineering to confirm current status if any specification is critical to your application.

BOB-II-SDD Installation Guide

Host adapter board BNAB-SDD is available for BOB-II-SDD.

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