BOB-II-COB Encoder Interface & On-Screen Display

Distance Data Display Unit - Video Genlock Character Overlay Module

BOB-II-COB allows your host system to preset and query an internal 5-digit distance register, in addition to all of the standard BOB-II module features. BOB-II-COB is especially useful in remote video inspection systems, allowing the host computer to collect and display distance data along with any other desired text superimposed over video. Displayed distance may be in any desired units, by simply programming the host machine to multiply raw distance data by a calibration constant prior to display.

END OF LIFE notice: BOB-II customers must place orders to cover all future requirements before the end of March 2005. Product availability beyond this date is uncertain. For BOB-II-COB design migration, please inquire about BOB-3-E and XBOB-E.

Host adapter board BNAB-COB is available for use with BOB-II-COB.

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[Bullet] Data Path:

BOB-II-COB's data path is bi-directional. Your host system can preset the distance register and query the contents, in addition to all standard BOB-II commands. The serial communication rate is currently fixed at 9600bps.

[Bullet] Encoder interface:

BOB-II-COB has inputs for pulse and direction signals. It interfaces to industry-standard 5V (TTL), quadrature incremental distance encoders though simple external hardware (LS7084 or equivalent). The internal distance register has five decimal digits, and behaves much like a conventional mechanical counter. If your distance encoder generates 10 cycles per foot, the least-significant digit represents tenths of feet. Note that displayed distance may be in any desired format, because the host computer can manipulate raw distance data prior to sending it back to the module for display as an overlay on live video.

[Bullet] Notes:

For additional BOB-II-COB specifications and operating information, please refer to the standard BOB-II module documentation, and to documents listed below. Only those features that differ from the standard version are listed above.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Decade Engineering to confirm current status if any specification is critical to your application.

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More BOB-II-COB Technical Information

BOB-II-COB (PDF) BOB-II-COB & BNAB-COB installation guide.

BNAB Schematic (PDF) for all versions of BNAB.

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