BNAB-GP Host Board for BOB-II Modules

Serial Titler ~ Video Text Overlay Host Board

BNAB-GP is a general purpose host board for Decade's standard BOB-II videotext OSD modules. This board features a 30-pin SIMM socket for BOB-II, front side power switch, and adjustments for character level, background level, and character transparency. The rear connector group includes a DC power jack, RCA jacks for video in/out, and a PC-compatible 9-pin RS-232 serial port. At only $99.95, including data cable assembly, BNAB-GP is ideal for BOB-II application development or short-run production needs. BNAB-GP is compatible with NTSC and PAL BOB-II modules.

Information on BOB-II modules

Note: This product is not recommended for new design. XBOB delivers greater performance for less total cost than BOB-II and BNAB-GP. All customers for these products should migrate existing applications to XBOB without delay. Application software will require editing. Front panel designs must accommodate an upgraded power switch, and rear panel legends for the video I/O jacks must be exchanged. 

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BNAB-GP Rev. 2 Specifications

Note the change in power input connector polarity!

[Bullet] Physical:

Overall dimensions are 4.825" (L) x 4.000" (W). BNAB is designed to fit a Hammond 1598B series molded plastic cabinet.  The three trimmers along the front of the board may be made accessible to the equipment operator through small holes in the panel of your final assembly. Custom front & back panels are not available at this writing.

[Bullet] Power Supply:

The power connector (J6) accepts a standard coaxial DC power plug. Center pin is V+12, sleeve is ground. Power consumption is less than 100mA, including RS-232 interface supply current. Decade Engineering suggests a power supply with substantially higher current rating, to prevent voltage sag at turn-on time which could result in a poor reset of the microcontroller chip in BOB-II.

[Bullet] Data Path:

BNAB-GP provides a ‘true’ RS-232 interface. The connector pinout is suitable for direct connection to the 9-pin COM port of a PC, and a compatible hookup cable is supplied (except OEM versions). Any standard terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal) provides basic control of BOB-II directly from a PC keyboard.

[Bullet] Video I/O:

RCA style Video In/Out connectors are prominently labeled on the board. J2 and J3 connect directly to the BOB-II module socket. A 4-pin, .1" header footprint is provided for an optional video I/O connector. Any standard .025” square post header with .100” pin spacing may be installed.

[Bullet] Notes:

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Decade Engineering to confirm current status if any specification is critical to your application.

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More BNAB Technical Information

BNAB-GP Configuration (PDF) Install and configure BNAB-GP.

BNAB-GP Schematic (PDF)

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BOB-II FAQ (PDF) Essential information for anyone developing a BOB-II application. Now includes a short snip of MS QuickBASIC code for testing or demonstrating BOB-II with a PC.

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