Distance Data Display Unit - Host Board for BOB-II-COB

BNAB-COB is Decade's compatible host board for BOB-II-COB modules (photo is of a similar product). This board features a 5V quadrature encoder interface with regulated +5V output to your distance encoder. It offers a front-side power switch, and screwdriver adjustments for character level, background level, and character transparency. The rear connector group includes a DC power jack, RCA or BNC jacks for video, and a PC-compatible 9-pin RS-232 serial port. Priced at just $150.00 in low quantity, BNAB-COB is well suited to BOB-II-COB application development and low-volume production needs.

BOB-II-COB information

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BNAB-COB Rev. 2 Specifications

Note the change in power connector polarization!

[Bullet] Data Path:

BNAB-COB provides a bidirectional 9600bps RS-232 interface with high ESD immunity. The data connector pinout is suitable for direct connection to the 9-pin COM port of a PC. The hookup cable (provided) is male/female with all pins wired straight through. Any standard terminal program (e.g. HyperTerminal) provides basic control of BOB-II directly from a PC keyboard.

[Bullet] Encoder Interface:

The BNAB-COB encoder interface provides regulated +5V power (100mA max.) to 5V quadrature incremental type encoders. An LS7084 encoder interface IC translates the quadrature outputs from the encoder into pulse and direction data suitable for BOB-II-COB modules. A four-pin .025 square post header with .100 pin spacing and friction lock is provided.

[Bullet] Video I/O:

RCA or BNC connectors for video input and output are optional at product ordering time. A 4-pin, .1" header footprint is also provided as a third video I/O connector option. Any standard .025 square post header with .100 pin spacing may be installed, including friction-lock types.

[Bullet] Power Supply:

The power connector (J6) accepts a standard coaxial DC power plug. Center pin is V+12, sleeve is ground. Power consumption is less than 100mA, not including encoder power. Decade Engineering suggests a power supply with substantially higher current rating, to prevent voltage sag at turn-on time which could result in a poor reset of the microcontroller in BOB-II.

[Bullet] Notes:

Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact Decade Engineering to confirm current status if any specification is critical to your application.

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More BNAB-COB Technical Information

Installation Guide (PDF) BNAB-COB and BOB-II-COB hookup and operation details.

BOB-II Control Protocol (PDF) Or, "How Do I Talk To This Thing?"


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