XBOB-4S Video Distance Display Generator Board


XBOB-4S prints distance information in video from remote inspection cameras or other other sources. Raw distance data comes from an industry-standard 5V quadrature incremental encoder. This version of XBOB-4 operates 'stand-alone' (without a PC) and is controlled by four keyswitches in the host system. It is ideal for simple pipeline and borehole inspection systems. XBOB-4S boards are not currently available with cabinets. Please visit our Order page for small-quantity price information.

XBOB-4S operator control switches provide the following functions:

The Display Position switch cycles through five possible data display positions (corners of the screen and center), and display defeated. When powered up, XBOB-4S retrieves the last saved contents of the count register from non-volatile memory and displays distance at the position last selected by the Display Position switch.

The Count Up and Count Down switches allow distance register presetting and clearing. If either switch is held down for more than 10 counts, the count rate increases. Press both switches simultaneously to clear the count. These functions operate even if the distance display is defeated.

The Metric/English switch may be used at any time during normal operation, and causes the displayed units symbol (“M” or “F”) as well as the displayed data value to be modified immediately. The current selection is saved in non-volatile memory, and will be used again at power-up time.

XBOB-4S is factory-calibrated for encoder installations that deliver 10 quadrature cycles per foot of measured distance, but calibration for any reasonable encoder installation is possible via temporary connection to a PC. Either of two overlay character sizes may be configured. These sample images show relative size: Small or Large.

XBOB-4S Application Guide (PDF):  With hookup and operating information, specifications, and configuration instructions.

Looking for a distance encoder or measuring wheel? Decade Engineering does not recommend specific encoders or manufacturers, due to the wide range of differing customer requirements. Here's an unsorted selection of the many suppliers in the industry:

Automation Direct
Encoder Products Company
BEI Sensors
US Digital
Quantum Devices
Durant/Eaton (PDF)

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