XBOB-4E Video Data Display with Distance Encoder Interface


XBOB-4EC Front Panel Photo XBOB-4EC Rear Panel Photo
XBOB-4E provides a distance encoder interface in addition to the features of Decade Engineering's standard XBOB-4 video information overlay generator. The cabinet is optional, so system designers can embed XBOB-4E at minimum cost. This version of XBOB-4 is ideal for PC-hosted video inspection of pipelines, boreholes, and other applications where distance data must be combined with video. Please visit our Order page for small-quantity price information.

Third-party application software for pipeline inspection is currently provided by Pipelogix/Flexidata, POSM, Wincan, and others. Note that XBOB-4E products purchased from software and inspection system suppliers may have additional features and enjoy customer support services that are unavailable directly from Decade Engineering.

XBOB-4E Addendum to XBOB-4 Application Guide (PDF):  With additional specifications, programming example, and distance encoder hookup information.

Looking for a distance encoder or measuring wheel? Decade Engineering does not recommend specific encoders or manufacturers, due to the wide range of differing customer requirements. Here's an unsorted selection of the many suppliers in the industry:

World Encoders
Automation Direct
Encoder Products Company
BEI Sensors
US Digital
Quantum Devices

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